School Faculty

We are honoured to have a team of the best professional and volunteer teachers, musicians, conductors and directors in Australia to lead our programs

Victorian faculty  
Dr Jonathon Welch AM
Dr Kathleen McGuire
Dr David Kram
Dr Kevin Cameron
Mr Andrew Payne
Ms Gail Martin
Mr Levi McGrath
Ms Kerry Verdon
Mr Ray Pereira
Mr Jacob Kinniburgh
Mr Stephen Blackburn
Ms Toni Lalich
Ms Kerry Gerraty
Mr Adam Przewlocki
Ms Roxanne Viggiano
Mr Marco Lombardi
Ms Sue Goessling
Ms Phillipa Edwards
Mr Manny Kechayas
Mr Marco Lombardi
Ms Pam Christie
Ms Claire Patti
Ms Susan Carew
Mr Simon Masterton

Queensland faculty
Ms Melissa Gill
Mr David Stavanger
Ms Jacqui Cuny
Mr Darryl Bowers

NSW faculty
Dr Robbie Lloyd
Greta Warner