Thank you to our supportive patrons who spread the word about the wonderful work of the school

We are truly blessed to have the support and talent of the following patrons:

Ms Cheryl Barker AO
Mr Jimmy Barnes
Mr John Bolton-Wood AM
Ms Deborah Cheetham AO
Mr Peter Coleman-Wright AO
Ms Judi Connelli AM
Ms Shelley Craft
Ms Judith Durham AO
Mr Dobbs Franks
Mr Mark Holden
Ms Rosamund Illing
Ms Suzanne Johnston
Mr Alan Jones AO
Ms Grace Knight
Ms Liane Keegan
Ms Danielle Matthews
Prof Patrick Mcgorry AO
Ms Katie Noonan
Dr Timothy Patston
Mr Ray ‘Bongo’ Pereira
Dr Rosephanye Powell
Dr William C Powell
Dr Christian Rowan MP
Dr Kirby Shaw (USA)
The Idea of North
Frederica Von Stade (USA)
Mr Bruce Woodley AO
The Australian Voices
Ms Leanne Linard MP