Trusts, foundations and community organisations

Major donations and support make a significant impact on our work

A program sponsorship, donation or charitable trust grant to the School of Hard Knocks helps build self-esteem, trust and empowers students to progress to better health, social inclusion, further education or employment. We would welcome the opportunity to partner with business and philanthropic organisations to expand the work of the School.

The School of Hard Knocks would like to recognise and thank the following Trusts, Foundations, Community Groups + individuals for their generous support:

Betty Amsden
Brisbane City Council
Prof John Currie
Grosvenor Trust
PB Foods
Hal Leonard Foundation
Helen McPherson Smith Trust
Kew Golf Club
Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation
National Australia Bank
Newsboys Foundation
Robert, Helen & Matthew Ely
Rotary Club of Brighton
Rotary Club of Southbank
Steve and Noelene Elliott
York Jewellers

We would be delighted to discuss projects and opportunities to work together with representatives of Trusts, Foundations and Community Organisations.

If you know of an individual, trust, foundation or community organisation that could support the amazing work of the School, please email our Operations Manager.